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At Gentle Care Animal Hospital, we have your pet’s dental care covered.

Our veterinary dental care experts offer these words of wisdom: The mouth serves as a mirror to the body. Therefore, a pet that has a healthy mouth reflects a well-cared-for pet. Our animal hospital offers top-notch pet dental care in Lawrence, KS.

The Consequences Of Neglecting Your Pet’s Dental Health

Just as with humans, disregarding your pet’s dental hygiene has dire consequences. Poor dental hygiene can lead to kidney or heart disease and systemic infections.

Understanding Dental Disease

Dental disease develops when bacteria-filled plaque and tartar (aka calculus) are allowed to build up on the teeth, and gums (aka gingival tissue). Plaque is a sticky biofilm that covers the teeth. Before you brush your teeth, run your tongue along them, they may feel ‘fuzzy.’ This is the plaque.

If plaque remains on the teeth longer than 24 hours, it can harden. After the plaque hardens, it is referred to as tartar. Once your pet’s plaque becomes tartar, special tools must be used to remove it. Our veterinary dental care specialists remove the built-up tartar and sticky plaque on your pet’s teeth during his or her annual dental exam, and cleaning.

How Poor Dental Hygiene Leads To Physical Health Issues

As bacteria, plaque and tartar accumulate on the teeth they become trapped beneath your pet’s gum line. If a minor cut or opening is present in the gingival tissue, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream. As the bacteria move through your pet’s bloodstream, they wreak havoc on major organs.

In order to keep your adult pet in optimal health, he or she needs to have a dental exam and cleaning at least once a year. By maintaining your pet’s dental health with an annual cleaning and exam at Gentle Care Animal Hospital, you enhance your pet’s life and prevent disease development due to bacteria traveling through the bloodstream. Therefore, good dental hygiene can increase your pet’s lifespan.

What to Expect During
a Dental Procedure

Each patient receives treatment from a skilled veterinary dental care expert. In addition, while performing any dental procedure we utilize the most advanced technologies and surgical techniques.

The Dental Program at Gentle Care Animal Hospital

Annual cleanings with full-mouth X-rays. Each cleaning is performed by one of our highly skilled veterinary dental care specialists.

All patients receive compassionate treatment from dedicated medical professionals. By receiving anesthesia during the procedure, the risk of injury or trauma is greatly reduced. Furthermore, the patient is closely monitored throughout the exam, cleaning and while taking the dental X-rays. Monitoring continues until your pet is awake, alert and fully responsive.

Besides our top-quality dental care program, we provide guidance and training to all pet parents about in-home dental care, dietary options, cleaning product recommendations and basic cleaning techniques. Call to schedule an appointment for pet dental care in Lawrence today!

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