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When it comes to controlling pain in your pet, you want veterinarians with an integrated, global approach.

At Gentle Care Animal Hospital, pain management is provided with a blend of integrative and traditional veterinary techniques and treatments.

Minimizing or eliminating pain allows medical treatments to work more efficiently by reducing the stress response that can block the body’s efforts to heal. Our veterinarians are highly trained in the most current medications used to manage pain, from sedation and anesthesia to medications for long-term control of chronic pain. In addition, we believe it is our responsibility to treat every animal—domestic or wild—in a compassionate and humane manner. By reducing or eliminating pain we support pets and encourage pet owners who are caring for an ill or injured pet.

Many pet discomforts may be addressed with the use of integrative medicine. Your Gentle Care veterinarian will determine the best approach for your pet, considering breed or type, age, general health, medical history, and mobility.

Integrative modalities we may offer for pain management include:

  • Chiropractic—Skeletal and joint adjustments
  • Acupuncture—The use of thin needles inserted at specific points in the body
  • Herbal therapy—Using specific herbs to relieve symptoms
  • Nutritional therapy—Supporting overall health with vitamins and minerals
  • Home massage and Traction Techniques
  • Laser Therapy

Schedule a consultation with your Gentle Care veterinarian to protect your pet from needless suffering. Remember, OLD is not in and of itself an illness. Excess body weight, stiffness, “slowing down,” etc., are not necessarily a requirement for “old.”

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