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We understand the stress you feel when you have to leave your pet in the hospital for illness or surgery. Trust we will give them the care and support they need.

We encourage families to visit hospitalized patients. It can be quite comforting for a pet to see a familiar face and feel a familiar touch when sick or injured.

Surgery patients at Gentle Care Animal Hospital are treated with the most advanced surgical techniques and technology and the best staff care. Our veterinary team is experienced in performing surgery on a wide variety of animal patients: dogs, cats, birds, exotics, pocket pets, and wildlife.

Gentle Care veterinarians are trained in soft tissue surgery as well as advanced fracture repairs and procedures, including TTA for ACL ruptures. Our clinic features fully trained and compassionate veterinary technical staff, in-house laboratory and blood testing, and intensive post-surgical monitoring. All of our pet patients are carefully examined for safety, and anesthetics are custom designed for your pet.

Gentle Care diagnostics include noninvasive, cutting-edge ultrasound technology. This state-of-the-art equipment uses harmless sound waves to examine internal organs. Ultrasound is most often used on the heart or abdominal organs and for pregnancy exams when the use of more common radiology could be potentially dangerous or inconclusive.

Post-surgical pain management in animals is critical for a successful recovery. Typically, greater tissue trauma results in a higher level of pain. For example, soft tissue surgeries are generally less painful than orthopedic procedures, which can cause severe and prolonged pain. However, even routine surgical procedures, such as spaying and neutering, are painful and include a pain management plan for all surgery patients.

No animal should be expected to suffer needlessly. Read more about our pain management program, based on a philosophy of humane treatment and compassionate care for all animals, domestic and wild.

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