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Microchipping is a simple yet invaluable procedure that can greatly increase the chances of reuniting you with your lost pet.

At Gentle Care Animal Hospital, we offer microchipping in Lawrence to provide a safe and permanent form of identification for your furry friends.

A microchip is a tiny device, about the size of a grain of rice, that is inserted under your pet’s skin. It contains a unique identification number that can be scanned by a microchip reader. This number is linked to your contact information in a secure database, allowing shelters, veterinary clinics, and animal control agencies to quickly identify and contact you if your pet is found.

Microchipping is a safe and painless procedure that can be done during a routine visit. It provides a reliable means of identification that cannot be lost or removed, unlike collars or tags. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that even if your pet gets lost or separated from you, there is a higher likelihood of being reunited.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Microchip your pet at Gentle Care Animal Hospital and ensure their safety and your peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for microchipping in Lawrence for your beloved companion.

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